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Credit to the wonderful artist of this comic! : http://itstheblob. I love how Jack's just like, "I got this" and Mark is just like "HAHA NOOPEEE" Skelemaam dancetale dancetale sans sans dt!sans shy bby sans x reader sans x frisk??? I guess it could be frisk idk undertale cute Updated and iM SWEATING TALKING ABOUT MY FANFICS MAKES ME KIND OF NERVOUS cause ive never posted any before but Ive written a loooooott of fanfiction fanfic fanfiction Dan x reader x Phil, A love story. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve got an idea for a Sean (Jack) x Reader where they’re a couple and going to a convention together. Quotes About Life :hislendercry: Sean with the suicide sign ! On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks,  A page for describing DethroningMoment: Web Original. Anyway, story, right. Cyndago’s Daniel Kyre passed away peacefully on Friday, September 18th, 2015 – and YouTubers and fans alike took to social media to pay their respects. com As well as the Va's of this video! 28. Josh then gives her his number and they hang out! Mike Schmidt X Depressed! Self Harm! Reader One-Shot FNAF] Mike Schmidt X Reader by ElijahJReyes on DeviantArt Fnaf Oneshot Book - Vincent x Abused Suicidal Reader - Wattpad Mike Schmidt x Reader One-Shot by CoraTheHedgehogRules on DeviantArt We Remember You (A Five Nights At Freddy's Fanfiction) - Depression Markiplier, the man who will let down his defenses for almost 10 million people. Follow/Fav My Best Friend - JackSepticEye X Reader By: GamingSavedMe One-shot fluff, JackSepticEye AKA Sean, A casual conversation between you and Sean leads to something much more meaningful than you'd ever think. (I 100+ Bonnie X Reader HD Wallpapers by Anna Swift such as Bonnie X Reader Drawing Base, Underfell Sans X Reader, Baby X Bonnie, Bonnie X Reader Drawing, Markiplier X Bonnie, Bonnie X Player, Umbreon X Eevee Reader, Weaver Bonnie X Foxy F-NaF, Bonnie X Toy Bonnie, Bonnie X Freddy Wit Her, Purple Bonnie X Reader, Bonnie X OC Base, Fun Time Freddy X Bonnie, Foxy X Bonnie Human MMD, F-NaF X Reader Such A Tease~Jeff X Reader. If you were to die would you do it during the day where everyone can see you fall and grow weak or during the night when most are asleep? Would you be loud or silent in the process? Youtuber x Reader one-shots Dont go (Markiplier X Suicidal!Reader) Ich Liebe Dich. There is something wrong with me for writing this. tumblr. The whole three chapters from my deviantart account. Markiplier x Depressed Reader …A random encounter in the park… Night is the forgoing of day, the time of rest for one and the time for awakening for another. Podívejte se na další nápady na téma Film, Kresby a Vtípky. Markiplier, a true hero. Zombies, Wicked, Undertale, Othello, Star Wars, Deltarune, and Kubo and the . xreader, bbsxrea Poor poor Markiplier, and he actually stopped his videos for a little, this really must have shaken him. crankgameplays markiplier imagines crankgameplays imagine crankgameplays x reader crankgameplays fanfic markiplier fanfiction markiplier markiplier x reader markiplier fluff tyler scheid tyler scheid fanfic tyler scheid x reader tyler tyler x reader apocalypto_12 youtube x reader youtuber youtube youtuber imagine youtube fanfiction fluff fanfic Clementine, affectionately nicknamed Clem by many of her companions, is the protagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead video game series. Markiplier x Reader by Cryaotic8008135 on Markiplier, the man who will let down his defenses for almost 10 million people. Tom wears a blue hoodie, large spiky hair (which he called "Steve" in "Moving Targets"), no eyes, and a spherical head. Breathe me (Markiplier X Depressed! Reader) Mark POV It had been a few hours since Y/N was transmitted into the hospital. Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until  Zena Airale is a fanfiction author that has written 82 stories for Ninjago, Plants vs. So here it is! Jeff collapsed on the couch, casually flipping his knife up over his head and catching it swiftly. Maybe they're right. An amazing, amazingly strong person Markiplier, the man who survived his best friends death, Markiplier, the man who could have quit by now but keeps doing it for all 19 million + of us! Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) - Chapter 5 -I don't mind- Moo Snuckel Bbs Squad Mini Ladd Banana Bus Squad Vanoss Crew Markiplier Squad Goals Youtube Gamer Misfits Read Chapter 5 -I don't mind- from the story Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) by Catlin_Creeper (CreeZeeCat) with 952 reads. by evalovesdan with 6,111 reads. Warning: Sexual Content, slight swearing I think, and lot's of Jeff. Read caer con estilo XD #10 (GIF) from the story ¡Lo Mejor de Mettaton! ♥(Undertale) by MS-SHADOW (kross Arlerquin) with 937 reads. from the story Sleep Over! Jacksepticeye x Pewdiepie x Markiplier x reader ❤ by (Rebel Wolf) with reads. She is the deuteragonist of Season One and Season Three, and the protagonist of Season Two and Season Four. . - 2 Thomas Sanders Septiplier Markiplier Pewdiepie Caspar Lee Shane Dawson Read 2 from the story Dan x reader x Phil, A love story. reader, bbsxreader, vanossgam Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) - Chapter 3 -Smile- Markiplier Misfits Bananer Read Chapter 3 -Smile- from the story Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) by Catlin_Creeper (CreeZeeCat) with 1,111 reads. summary: you are (y/n) (l/n), a 16 years old girl who was abused since childhood. Then when they get there, she gets into character with their costume and surprises Sean during the panel. 2018- Prozkoumejte nástěnku Jacksepticeye uživatele xscdfghjkl, kterou na Pinterestu sleduje 1176 lidí. new boyfriend!ethan would include. FNAF 4 Markiplier and Jacksepticeye fanart I love that Mark actually gets nervous, but Jack is just like "This is a bunch 'a bullshit! Sinn's little corner of the internet to indulge in her fandoms and create the odd bit of fan art, custom funko or drop personal doodles. jacksepticeye, you. An amazing, amazingly strong person Markiplier, the man who survived his best friends death, Markiplier, the man who could have quit by now but keeps doing it for all 19 million + of us! Read Chapter 1: from the story Markiplier X reader: Red Head by Markliter (Scrapadook) with 6,910 reads. ( Markiplier x Depressed/suicidal Reader) by omgilostmyjello123 with 7,063 reads. , a most prestigious title given to me by Kepi Ghoulie onstage at the House of Blues Anaheim. (Like A Boss. She eventually sees a small log cabin ahead, and watches as a young man in a flat cap steps out. Now that we've reached 10,000 pages on this site, it has become necessary to create a new method of indexing the pages, seeing how it's not possible to link 10,000 pages from the navabar heck, I had trouble just linking the top 100 pages in the navabar! Appearance. But hey, people call me a demon. Request: Could you do a Mark x Reader where the reader is Jacksepticeye’s sister and you and Mark meet at a convention and start to flirt or kiss or something and Jack finds out and goes all over protective but ends in fluff. Sometimes, he is shown to have dark blue jeans whereas at others to have normal grey legwear. Request: Could you please do a fem! reader fic where y/n is on a first time tinder date, so she wants mark to come with her just in case because she doesn’t know the guy shes meeting. Since its creation, Pyramid Head has become one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the franchise, turning into something of a The Dungeons & Dragons Articles. AND I SET FIIIIIIIRE TO THE TREES Credit to the wonderful artist of this comic! : http://itstheblob. Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) - Chapter 16 Mini Ladd Vanoss Crew Banana Bus Squad Busses H20 Delirious Cow Chop Misfits Dying Inside Homeless Man Read Chapter 16 from the story Truth Behind the Smile (banana Bus Squad X reader) by Catlin_Creeper (CreeZeeCat) with 669 reads. youtubers, youtuberxreader, depr The reader escapes the hell shes been living in and runs through the woods. markiplier. We own you (yandere!creepypasta x abused!depressed!reader) blackheart1454. Request: can you make a fanfiction/lemon where you live above mark and you go down to his  Markiplier quote by KuroKunoichi on DeviantArt. ( Markiplier x Depressed/suicidal Reader) Depressed/Suicidal Reader x Markiplier . When she wakes up she finds her kidnapper to be Antisepticeye ( Markiplier x Depressed/suicidal Reader) Get notified when It'll be Okay. Live TV from 70+ channels. I have friends who have crippling depression, and I suffer from depression in general. xreader, miniladd, bb Cette épingle a été découverte par alex winschester. . Jacksepticeye it is ok!?!? This feature is not available right now. This is an old one shot book that I've updated and edited! I hope you guys enjoy the better quality stuff. Shes cold, hungry and she hurts. TRIGGGGER WARNING THIS is kinda based off me, except i dont Try to die and STUFF (Markiplier x Reader) (y/n) is a youtuber with an estimated amount of 10,203, 999 subscribers from all over the world. Markiplier, who frequently collaborated with his friends Daniel, Ryan and Matt, was similarly distraught. Cute markiplier :) by MalGirl101 on DeviantArt who passed away from a suicidal attempt back on September 18, 2015. You are 10 years old when it happened. Read Chapter 2 from the story It'll be Okay. The ground was paved in blood. [[MORE]] • being super shy around you • and being a total soft spoken gentleman • beaming smiles at you when you aren’t looking • bc holy shit he really likes you • Markiplier (mark x reader) My love of my life #markiplier by MalGirl101 on DeviantArt If you're ever feeling depressed and/or suicidal, just watch this. Freddy's pizzeria Nov 25, 2016 Kinda last minute. Years pass and things change. Originally posted by lum1natrix. She was currently asleep in a hospital bed, a breathing tube in her nose and many drips containing various medical drugs attached to her arms. ) Follow/Fav Fnaf x reader. one night, after your father left you chained in the basement with. The day you forgot everything. phillester, fanfic, reader. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Unlimited DVR storage space. Cancel anytime. By: TheGreatDova. 6. JAJAJJAA METATTATON SE NOS A READ NUTTY'S WEBCOMIC, "COURT OF ROSES" I go by a whole buncha names but the main two names I answer to are Nutty and Kelsey. Pyramid Head or Red Pyramid Thing is a monster (and in two cases, a duo of monsters) that debuted in Silent Hill 2 as one of the primary antagonists. I didn't change too  Requested: Neighbors - A Markiplier x reader imagine Imagine. Anonymous said: Can you do a josh dun x reader where the reader is a fan of twenty one pilots and she Meets them at a meet and greet. Marks little sister♡ (jacksepticeye x reader i don't write anymore. your mother, who was a nurse, died of a disease and since then your father had been abusing you in the most inhuman ways. The reader has been working on a cosplay most of the year without telling Sean as a surprise. Please try again later. I mean, who doesn't? Even the  Oct 20, 2016 Breathe me - Markiplier x Depressed Reader (In this, you are 21 ;) ) When you first met Mark Fischbach, you were seen as a happy, energised  HEY HEY MY CRANKY CREW I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE Y THINKING WHY IS SHE DOING ANOTHER BOOK SHE HAS SO MANY WELL FUCK YOU DEAL  Suicidal/Depressed Reader X Mark. And as of 4/3/15, you can also refer to me as REJ, Real Eaglebones, Jr. No cable box required. He was both touched and heartbroken Scotland x Demon! Male! Reader, lemon and romance, the reader is kind and bitchy, it takes place (in the beginning) on a battlefield and involved a knife. She's known best for completing all four Five Nights at Freddy's games within two days of them being released, thus giving her the nicknames "Conqueror of Five Nights at Split (Antisepticeye, Jacksepticeye, Darksepticeye x Reader) [Y/n] finds herself to have been abducted and wakes up with several months of her life missing. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. com As well as the Va's of this video! : https://w So an Triumphant Wilson walks into a bar. markiplier x suicidal reader deviantart

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